Antique and Vintage Japanese Kimono shop in Dalson, East London E8 

◆ABOUT FURUKI YO-KIMONO VINTAGE                                                                       
Furuki Yo-Kimono Vintage is run by London based vintage kimono dealer Sonoe Sugawara. The name is a play on the Japanese expression, Furuki Yo-Kimono Vintage (ふるきよきもの) which means ‘good old things’.  Sonoe has been collecting vintage kimono for years and has become a source for Western kimono lovers including designers of some of the world’s leading fashion brands and film costume designers. 

The main collection of our kimonos are from 1920-30s pre-war period known in Japan as the Taisho period and Japanese Art Deco period when Western modernism mingled with Japanese tradition. The collection also includes kimonos from Japanese imperial / samurai families, wartime propaganda kimono, and “boro" (indigo Japanese folk workwear / workwear & textiles). 

Most kimono can be unisex, reversible (if you wear casually)  and very much wearable for many occasions. Some materials and techniques used in vintage kimono are hard to find in modern kimono or are much higher in price, because of the exquisite workmanship involving much greater time and effort. Vintage kimono can be regarded as wearable works of art, but the most important thing is to just enjoy wearing kimono. 
In addition if you care sustainability of fashion, choosing vintage kimono is a great option. 

In 2009 Sonoe started to open her stall to sell her vintage kimono collection in the Old Spitalfields Antique Market in East London.  In 2019, she opened her permanent shop in Dalston, East London. However occasionally her vintage kimono stall is open in the Spitalfields Antique market or the Covent Garden Jubilee Market. 

 Please also visit the FURUKI YO-KIMONO  instagram or Facebook page (@furukiyokimonovintage) . As the shopping page in this website has currently not large selection of items. But Sonoe is showing much more kimono pictures on her social media.  However the best way to see our large collection is still to visit our physical shop in Dalston.

If you contact the shop she can manually assist your shopping. 

 Open by appointment / selected dates (except the lockdown period), 

◆Address: Pod 15, The Factory Dalston, 21-31 Shacklewell Lane, London E8 2DA

Nearest stations: Dalston Kingsland / Dalston Junction on overground

Please contact to make an appointment or check the event page, or see our instagram or facebook page (@furukiyokimonovintage) for the latest opening dates and all other information 


 ◆OLD SPITALFIELDS MARKET on Thursdays ( ONLY occasionally. we will inform on the event page or instagram / facebook when confirmed.) 
 Please check EVENT page for future dates. 

Thank you very much for reading and enjoy the most of our vintage kimono. 

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